Wednesday, August 1, 2012

On the Wall

Today's sleep-time was especially fruitful. :) 

I was able to get lunch made, clean up around the house and think up & complete this little project.

We have a LOT of empty wall space in our home.  It kind of drives me crazy.  It feels so EMPTY when things aren't up on the walls. 

While I was cleaning, I happened across this:

I had picked this up from Ross for a few bucks to cover the inside of my newly repainted black dresser.  The package came with two rolls, and I had a lot left over to use for something else. 

The cool thing about shelf liner (at least this one anyway) is that it sticks to whatever you're putting it on, and you can pull it up and reposition it if you need to. 

When we first moved, I had bought three 3-packs of 8x10 canvases from Ross ('s TOTALLY my favorite store. :) I'd live there if I could) for $3.99...a total steal.  I was planning to do something again for the empty walls in our house, but never got around to it.  They've been sitting in my "junk closet" for almost two years now. :)  Thank goodness for spur-of-the-moment crafting. 

Anyway, these canvases have been on my mind for awhile now because I hated that they weren't being used somewhere in my bare house, so when I saw the just clicked. 

To complete this project, you'll need some shelf liner, canvases, and scissors.

Start by measuring out the shelf liner so that you have enough excess on each side to wrap around the back securely:

NOTE: I forgot to center the design on the first canvas...but did for my second and third one.  I didn't worry too much about it because my finished product came out fine, but if your design is not an all-over pattern, you might want to watch out for that.

After cutting your shelf liner pieces, peel off the backing and place your liner design side down

Carefully place your canvas down onto the center of the liner, being careful to center the design.

NOTE: I know this isn't centered, but I had trimmed the top part of the liner after I took this picture. :)

Then, while it's face-down, rub the middle of the canvas so that the liner adheres to the front.  Nothing sucks more than finding airbubbles in your liner after you tried so hard to put it down smoothly. :)  Press down on the wooden frame to ensure the liner sticks on the outer parts too.

Carefully wrap the sides so that the edges of your canvas are smooth and your corners are tight.  I thought it would help to cut slits in the corners of the liner so that I didn't have big bulky folds in the corner of my canvas.

After all the sides have been folded in, trim any excess liner, or fold it over inside edge of the wooden frame. 

And after repeating this process a couple more times....TA-DA!

After putting my frames up on the wall, I decided that while I'm in LOVE with Damask prints, these were a little too busy to just go up by themselves, so I decided to print out some of our family photos in black and white, put them on a white backing, and applied them to the frames with spray adhesive.  I'll probably modge-podge them later, but for now, because I'm so impatient, I'm going to admire them just the way they are. :)

This was all done in less than an a third of a sleepy-time. :) Can you imagine the kinds of trouble we could get into if we had worked the WHOLE time on this?! 

What kinds of art do you have on your walls? 

About three days after I put these up, I decided I didn't like it.  You know how in the movie, Jumanji, the game calls out to them even when it's buried deep in the ground?  Yes, that's how I felt about my red rose wreath.  It was used in my Sweet Tea Party set up and I was saving it for the perfect place on my wall. 

I found it.

I added one more canvas frame to balance things out, and I'm ECSTATIC with the way it looks all together.  :)

~xoxo, V.


  1. Like seriously VANI!!!! youre a creative genius! and so frugal too!! dude our master needs a total facelift! i love this idea! did ross have other designs/colors for the shelf liners? I love all your ideas and i am seriously thinking about doing some of the projects you post up. Thanks! umas to talimon!

    1. Hiyeee! I'm not sure how often they carry the liners, but the black and white was the only one I saw when I was there. They were like $5.99 for two rolls, and I was able to line my dresser drawers AND do the canvases, so there's a lot on the rolls. I'll be putting up a new blog this week about couponing so watch out for it! LOL! :) <3 to you and yours!