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One of our first Sleepy-Times {Photo by Loblee Photography}
Hey there! 
I'm Vania--wife to The Hubs, and mommy to My Bubs. :)  I'm fairly new to the Mommy Bidness, and thankfully, am building my Mommy-Muscles a little at a time as my Bubba grows and meets new phases in life.  However, before he came into my life, I was the crafty-bear, the self-proclaimed party planner, the decorator, the constant web-surfer, the ultimate busy-body.  Since meeting my little bundle of joy, I've had to put those other creative titles aside until I could find a way to be all things to all hobbies, while of course, keeping my Motherhood at the forefront. 

The answer?  Sleepy-time.

Countless Mommy-veterans have told me to sleep when my baby sleeps.  Yes, I agree with the piece of valuable advice, but I like to think of it as "do what keeps you sane for the day when the baby sleeps."  I see the 2-3 hours to myself as a chance to rest, craft, clean, cook, paint, build, decorate, make--you name it. :)

I've found that I can still do the projects I love and search for new ones to take on while my Bubba sleeps.  As my list of projects grew, I decided I wanted a platform to share all these "adventures," and thus was born the idea to just blog about it. 

So, to my list of titles, I now add Blogger, and I'm so happy to join the club.  Please come back often to read about what kinds of new things we're getting into out here.  I love to read about new projects, be inspired by other Mommy Bloggers, style celebrations and events (this is a HUGE one for me and I think the hardest to take a step back from), find new DIY projects that even I can do, and most of all, discover/do things I never thought I'd be able to...all While Bubba Sleeps.

Thanks for stopping by!

xoxo, V

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