Thursday, September 27, 2012

There she is...

There have been zero crafty projects at our house the last few weeks, but the creativity was not lacking.  We've been busy helping Bubba's aunty "Titah"  (as Bubba calls her) run for Miss Polynesia Pacific 2013 here in Honolulu, Hawaii. 

It was a great opportunity for my sister, Sina, to push her creativity and designs out to the local market and something completely OUT-OF-THE-BOX for her to do, so, as one never to back down from a challenge, she entered and competed this past Sunday.

Sina is a creator.  She doesn't take to things easily bought off store shelves to describe her personality and represent her talents.  So, naturally, she designed, conceptualized, and made several of her pageant entries herself.  Tell me who does that in pageants these days???

Sadly, she did not win, but she did put on one heck-of-a show for her supporters and the judges. 

Here are some pictures (I did NOT take these, they were taken by family and other pageant attendees and posted to my sister's Facebook page):

My FAVORITE pic so far of her from that night.  Fierce is the only word that comes to mind. :)

A collage of pictures of Sina's talent: A contemporary Samoan dance based on the Teine Sa, or Spirit Women of Samoa

My sister in the evening gown she designed and created, with a multi-tier detachable skirt from a local contact in the pageant circuit.
Our parents. :)  Aren't they cute?

Sina in her submission for the Natural Couture category.  Top to bottom, the dress is made of tapa, laufala (strips of dried pandanus leaves), and shells.  I'll have to find a better picture where you can see the details of this amazing garmet she made.
So, while she didn't win the crown, I think she received something better.  The pageant gave her a new avenue to reach the local market with her exceptional talents.  She has creative designs and applies a high standard of quality to everything she makes.  She's a genius in her own right, and I couldn't be more thankful to be her big sister.  :) 
Look out for more pics of these beautiful garments in coming posts. 
Until next time,

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